Monday, 16 February 2015

Bridal Shower Cake

Vanilla Cake...Fresh Strawberry buttercream...what more can I say!

Baby Boy Shower Cupcakes

I did 40 cupcakes recently for a clients daughter's baby shower. I made some little circles out of fondant and wrote out the letters to say 'welcome baby boy' with dark chocolate, and added some blue glitter and pearls. Simple yet cute!

Minnie Mouse 3rd Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated my cousin Willow's 3rd birthday! This year has sure flown by, if you remember, I made the farm animal cupcakes/cake for her 2nd birthday last year. Willow sure looked cute in her little Minnie Mouse dress! I made a Confetti cake with strawberry buttercream and decorated it in pink fondant with polka dots, ruffle trim, big bow and ears. Of course, the iconic Disney font for the '3' too! The cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla with strawberry buttercream. I used freeze dried strawberries for the colour/flavour, no artificial dyes :)

If you want to do a fun themed birthday party for a child, email me at for info.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Vegas Themed Dessert Table

Last season at Bridgewater Country Club, where I work as the Pastry Chef, I created a Vegas themed dessert table for one of the Ladies golf tournaments. I always love doing these themed tables, and this one was no exception! 

I made Poker Chip Cookies, shown below...

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with card suit garnishes, made with cookie dough.

What's Vegas without a little booze, right?  Here's a Margarita Cake Shooter made with tequila soaked cake, lime curd and whipped cream, topped with a salted caramel shard. Gotta have salt and lime with your margarita!! :)

Next are some Dice shaped Cake pops...actually blondie pops! I added cherry and white chocolate to my blondie, then dipped in white chocolate and added dark chocolate dots to make dice.

 My most requested and loved dessert at the club is my Dark Chocolate Ganache tarts with salted caramel, topped with some crispy chocolate pearls.

Here's a look at the entire table. I design and decorate it myself, with whatever supplies the ladies give me. Always a fun part of my job!

If you are having a party and would like mini desserts or themed desserts catered for your affair, email me at

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Baby Bum Shower Cake - take 2

If you remember, I did my first baby bum cake earlier last year, but last week I showed a client a photo of that cake and she wanted it for her daughters baby shower. The cake colours are gender neutral in a soft green and yellow. I added fondant circles around the cake to match the blanket over the baby bum. I just love making those cute little fondant feet :) The cake flavour was vanilla with lemon curd filling and Swiss meringue buttercream, definitely a fave with the ladies at the shower.
 If you are having a baby shower and looking for a slab cake with some extra details...this is a great option! Email me at for inquiries.

Olaf Frozen Cake

Being a fan of the movie Frozen, I was happy to get a request for an Olaf cake! This was requested by a 'big kid' for her birthday (my chef's wife). For those who don't know who Olaf is (where have you been?), he's a funny little snowman who happened to lose his head at one point in the movie, hence the inspiration for this cake.  I added some shimmer to the fondant to give it a 'frozen' look, and even used real sticks for his arms and hair.  The cake flavour is definitely for adults.... Pink Champagne with Raspberry Buttercream. Delish!

Bachelor Party Cake!

I wasn't sure if I should post this risqué Bachelor Stripper cake...but it's too good not to! LOL  I was asked a few months ago to do a boob cake for a bachelor party, and I just so happened to have a 'boob' cake pan from my days of working on Church St. in Toronto ;)  I decided to add a torso and make a bra and thong complete with frilly lace trim. For an added touch, I added a tattoo with the groom-to-be's name on it. Needless to say, all the men at work were very impressed with this cake! 

My Most Popular Cake Flavour

My most popular cake request is my Chocolate cake with Salted Caramel Filling, and to make it even better, coated in Chocolate Ganache! Here's one I did for a customers husband's birthday. He is a member at the golf & country club I work at. She wanted me to write this humourous birthday greeting on the cake too! I covered the outside of the cake with Macaron halves and added crispy pearls around. 

Need cake for a special event? Email me at

Plumber 50th Birthday Cake!

Guess who this cake was for? Hmm....a Plumber!  It was his 50th birthday and I came up with the idea of incorporating pipes and water around the cake, then a sink on the top. Even the '50' is water coming out of the tap. I put a little wrench for him to fix the broken pipes too! LOL  I painted the pipes with some silver pearl dust, as well as paint the lettering onto the fondant. The cake was chocolate with my famous salted caramel filling. 

Want to surprise someone with a fun custom birthday cake? Email me at for inquiries!

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