Thursday, 25 September 2014

Harry Potter Birthday Cake!!

I was so excited to do this cake!! My chef's youngest son requested a Harry Potter themed birthday cake, after seeing the Rubik's cube cake I made for his older can check that one out HERE!
His only request was to include a snake, spider and wand...the rest was up to's what I ended up with...

I added the golden snitch, Harry's owl Hedwig,  the Sorting Hat, then painted on the top two tiers the Marauder's Map complete with the footprints and banner that says "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." The bottom tier is the Gryffindor's scarf.

I painted the snitch with some gold pearl dust, and added some gold edible stars for 'magic spell' appeal!

I even hand painted the happy birthday with black food colour, and even did the lightning bolt 'P's

Now I'm totally in the mood to watch the complete series of Harry Potter movies! :)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

SHARKNADO Cupcakes!!!

Ok so I'm sure you have at least heard of Sharknado the movie, which has become a huge cult hit! I know it's a ridiculous idea of a movie, and the acting is horrible, but it's supposed to be like that! It makes the movies even better!! Anyways,  my chef is a little obsessed with the movie, and when the sequel came out this summer, that's all we talked about at work. His birthday was this past week, and I had the idea to make him Sharknado cupcakes for a surprise. They were a hit, especially with his kids!

The tornado is made from sugar cones with white chocolate drizzled around, and gummy sharks flying through the air. Blue butter cream as water on top of my decadent chocolate cake!

I think Wayne was happy! lol

The night before Kadie and I decorated his office with balloons and streamers and I told him a sharknado must have hit his office last night...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rubik's Cube Birthday Cake

I made this Rubik's Cube birthday cake yesterday. What a fun and unusual request! I'm happy with how it turned out. Seems like a simple-ish cake to do, but it takes alot of measuring and planning to make it right! I even made sure I had the proper amount of coloured squares since there can only be 9 of each on a cube.

Looking for a fun and completely customed cake for your birthday/event?
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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Chef Graduation Cake

A coworker of mine just graduated from Niagara College's Culinary program and he wanted a themed cake for his family party. I made a chocolate cake with salted caramel and ganache filling. All of the chef related decorations were made from fondant. I even added the college logo on the chef hat!

Congrats on your graduation Anthony!

Need a themed cake, or slab cake for parties? Contact me at

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dr. Who TARDIS Cake

I'm so excited to share one of my latest cake orders! My good friend Lindsey had her 30th birthday today, and her wonderful boyfriend wanted to surprise her with a TARDIS cake, since she's such a huge Dr. Who fan!

This baby stood a good 16" tall, with 8 layers of vanilla cake layered with swiss buttercream and sprinkles.  The outside was blue buttercream, with fondant details. I painted them with black food ink to add some dimension.  I even added a working light to the top.

My favourite part was the galaxy cake board I created by painting fondant with food dye and adding splatters of white along with some gold edible stars.

 I got the idea of the galaxy board from this tutorial on Artisan Cake Company

Linds even had her galaxy print dress on, which matches so perfect! Welcome to the thirties Linds, it ain't so

If you have a themed cake in mind, contact me at

Friday, 13 June 2014

Tropical Wedding Cake

This is an oldie, but thought I should post it! Here's a wedding cake I made for my cousin's wedding back in 2009. It was a tropical themed 3 tier vanilla cake with a pineapple passionfruit filling. I covered it with fondant and decorated with some satin ribbon and fresh orchids. 

Funny thing about this cake is that it travelled across Canada! I was living in Calgary at the time, and baked the cakes and made the filling at my job there, then packed it all in my carryon suitcase and assembled it here.  

White on White Cake Pops

Just did an order for 40 White Cake pops! Although a time consuming project, they are a cute treat to serve! If you would like cake pops for an event, contact me for more info at

This client wanted all white inside and out, but I can do an array of colour combos, or designs!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wedding Cupcake Tree

Back in October 2010, I did this cupcake tree for my brother's wedding. I made 200 cupcakes in chocolate, carrot cake, and lemon. I even made all the toothpick decorations. They had birds as part of their theme, so I hand stamped them all and punched out scallop circles and adhered them to the toothpicks.  

Tada! Here I am with the finished product!

I was so happy to be asked to make my brother's wedding 'cake'. 
If you are interested in a wedding cake, or cupcake wedding cakes, email me at for info!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Farm Animal Cupcakes and Barn Cake

I just love doing themed birthday parties! My cousin Willow had her 3rd birthday back in February, and it was a barn animal theme. I did some cute little piggies, chicks and cows with icing on cupcakes, and a red barn cake with some animals peeking out of the windows. She just loved it so much!

 Willow tried one of each animal while we were taking pictures! It was so funny!

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Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday

Here's a Minnie Mouse smash cake and 5 dozen matching cupcakes I made for a 1st birthday party last week. The cake was Red Velvet, along with half of the cupcakes, the other half vanilla.

Cupcakes were iced with cream cheese icing and garnished with crispy pearls, ears and a fondant bow, hand painted with white edible paint! 

The cake was covered with fondant to look like Minnie's dress and complete with her big red bow!  I added some pearl shimmer dust to give it a girly flair!

Are you looking for a special themed birthday cake for your little one's 1st birthday, or any age, contact me at for info!

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